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Strategy + Content + Delivery

We focus our main efforts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube although thats not to say we don’t use the other platforms when they are needed.

Social Media Management consists of first creating a strategy which aligns with your companies goals.


This strategy will determine what sort of management you require, whether it be just posts & article creation or to also include social outreach which can play a big part in building a genuine community.


At Clark Imagery, strategy development encompasses a comprehensive approach, including in-depth website and social media channel reviews, culminating in the creation of a customized strategy tailored to enhance online presence, engage audiences, and achieve distinctive brand objectives.


Our content creation strategy extends beyond conventional boundaries, with a focus on delivering excellence through batch social media photography, engaging videos for various platforms, and non-social media videos, all harmoniously woven into a customized strategy aimed at elevating brand storytelling and audience engagement.


Batch Social Media Photography:

Professional photography to showcase your products, services, and brand culture. Onsite and offsite shooting to capture a diverse range of visuals.


Website/Non Social Videos:
Engaging video content for marketing campaigns, product launches, and brand storytelling.

Shooting video

Batch Social Media Videos:

Short form Reels/Stories. All options include specific planning of each video + scripting.

Bookshelf Broadcast

Social Media Posting/Management (FB, IG & YT)
Regular posting to maintain an active and engaging social media presence.
Community management to foster audience interaction and brand loyalty.

Zooming on Tablet
Organized Desk

Website and LinkedIn Management

(LI & Web)
Regular updates and maintenance to ensure optimal website performance. Management of LinkedIn channels to maintain a cohesive online strategy. 

Social & Search Ads
Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube & Google Advertising services.

Mobile ads
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